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Helping you learn

Our teaching philosophy

We believe that:

  • every student can learn and can achieve their goals
  • excellent teachers can bring about excellent results
  • every student is different and likes to learn in a different way.
  • when students are motivated, supported and enjoying their class, they learn better
  • students learn English to communicate and through communicating
  • students who have useful strategies for learning, learn more quickly
  • students learn better when they have clear goals and get feedback on their progress
  • students who practice more, improve more


Individual learning

When you arrive at AEA we will discuss your goals and develop an Individual Learning Plan with you. This plan will follow you throughout your course and you will have regular one-to-one meetings with your teacher to discuss your progress.


Assessing your learning

It is important to understand how well you are doing. Your teacher will give you regular informal feedback as well as assessments to measure your progress. Assessments include classroom activities, projects, and tests.

  • All students in Communication English will build a portfolio of work which shows their progress in learning English.
  • IELTS Preparation students will do a full mock exam every 6 weeks.

All leaving students receive an AEA leaving certificate and report


Practising your English

“Practice makes perfect”

The most useful thing you can do to improve your English is to practice.

  • Speak only English in the school
  • Make friends with students whose first language is different from yours
  • Join school activities [link to activities]
  • Talk to your homestay family