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Terms and conditions

Withdrawals and Refund Policy

1. Full fees are payable in advance for the whole course. The enrolment and insurance fees are non refundable.

2. ICL Business School, NZQA provider #7548 (ICL) and Auckland English Academy, NZQA provider #7940 (AEA) are both part of ICL Education Group. Students applying for Business, Computing, ECE, IELTS Preparation/Academic English and the ICL TESOL Course will be enrolled at ICL. Students applying for Communication English, English Plus Activities, KiwiKindy, English@Work and the AEA TESOL Instructor Course will be enrolled at AEA.

3. In compliance with the Education Amendment Act 2011 (section 234E) ICL provides fee protection for all student fees through Public Trust. AEA provides fee protection for all student tuition fees through WaltersLaw Static Trust. Both trusts meet the requirements of NZQA and the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

4. If you are enrolled in a course of five weeks or less and withdraw within two days after the first date of the course for which attendance of students at the establishment is required, you are entitled to a refund of 50%. If you withdraw two or more days after the same start date you are not entitled to a refund.

5. If you are enrolled for a course of more than five weeks, but less than thirteen weeks, and withdraw within five days after the first date of the course for which attendance of students at the establishment is required, you are entitled to a refund of 75%. If you withdraw five or more days after the same date you are not entitled to a refund.

6. If you are enrolled for a course of study of thirteen weeks or longer, and withdraw within the first ten working days of the first date of the course for which attendance of students at the establishment is required, you will be refunded in full less a deduction for costs incurred by ICL or AEA up to a maximum of 25% of the fee total paid. ICL or AEA will provide you with details of the cost components for the purpose of working out the maximum deductible percentage. In the event of a dispute over the amount deducted, you can refer the matter to the International Education Appeal Authority. If you withdraw 11 or more working days after the first date of the course for which attendance of students at the establishment is required you are not entitled to a refund.

7. Paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 also apply if you are unable to get a visa, or if you cancel your application before you arrive in NZ or before the first date of the course for which attendance of students at the establishment is required. The Schools will consider applications for refunds in exceptional circumstances. Any refund will be made at the discretion of the Principal.

8. If the Schools arrange homestay accommodation for you, the minimum period will be four weeks or the full course if shorter. The homestay fee for this period and the placement fee are non-refundable. Students under 18 must be accommodated in an ICL/AEA-approved homestay.

9. Expenses incurred offshore on student recruitment and visa application are non refundable.

10. If the Schools are for some reason unable to offer your course, you are entitled to a full refund of all fees paid. In the event that your course is cancelled after its commencement date, you will be refunded all unused fees proportional to the number of weeks not delivered. Every attempt will be made by the Schools to enrol you in another course suitable to your needs.

11. If the student moves out of the homestay, both the host family and ICL or AEA must receive 2 weeks’ notice of the student’s intention to leave. The balance of the pre-paid homestay fee which remains will be refunded, minus any costs recoverable by ICL or AEA, ICL or AEA will charge a cancellation or change fee of one week’s fees. For airport transfer cancellations, more than 48 hours notice is needed to receive a refund. If a student goes on holiday and wishes to return to the homestay, 50% of the weekly fee will be charged.

Declaration by Applicant

1. The information provided by me is correct.

2. I understand and accept the published enrolment and payment policies of the Schools.

3. I understand and accept the withdrawal and refund policies of the Schools as set out above.

4. I understand and agree to come to all classes on time and behave in a responsible way at School and in the homestay and according to the published rules of the Schools.

5. I undertake to buy key texts for Business and Computing programmes, and understand that this may cost between $300 and $400 per trimester. (ECE key texts are included in course fees).

6. I understand and accept that if I am an international student I have been advised to have travel and medical insurance until the expiry of my student visa. I accept that if I do not have medical insurance I will be fully liable for all medical costs incurred in NZ as a result of injury or illness except for any amount covered by Accident Compensation.

7. I understand and accept that I must provide up-to-date address and contact details at all times and an up-to-date copy of my student permit and any renewal.

8. I understand that the information collected by the Schools during the enrolment process and while I am studying at the Schools will be used for my education and well being and agree that the Schools may use my academic profile, results and image for promotional purposes, unless I object in writing. I have right of access to, and correction of, the personal information held by the Schools including my attendance and academic records.

9. I understand and accept that the Schools have the right to decide my level of study based on the professional judgment of the Senior Lecturer/ Tutor giving regard to what is in my best interest.

10. I understand and accept that the above terms and conditions are intended to be read in the English language and are governed by the laws of New Zealand.

11. I authorize Immigration New Zealand and the Department of Labour to provide the Schools with any personal details regarding my immigration status, including any information that I have submitted to Immigration New Zealand in the course of any visa or permit application.

12. I understand that the Schools reserve the right to change programme content and dates without notice.

13. I understand that a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice must be given to book a homestay or student residence.