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School Policy

Payment of fees

i    You must pay a registration fee before your course begins.

ii    You will receive an Entrance Acknowledgement or Offer of Place Certificate and an Invoice for the balance of your fees.

iii    You must pay your fees in full before your course begins.

iv    For homestay fees, please see homestay section below.

v    Tuition fees are non-transferable.

vi    Bank of New Zealand, 262 Queen Street (Swift code: BNZNZ22) 02-0290-0308328-00

Holiday policy

i  The Senior Teacher must approve all holidays BEFORE you take your holiday.

ii  If your holiday is approved, the teacher will mark ‘H’ for holiday

iii If your holiday is not approved, the teacher will mark ‘A’ for absent.

iv  You can only take a holiday if you are enrolled for 24 weeks or more when you are on a Student Visa.

v  You must fill in the holiday form  at least two weeks before your planned holiday.

vi  You can only take a holiday for one week.

vii  Your holiday must be from Monday to Friday.

viii  You cannot get an extension to your course unless the Senior Teacher approves it.

xi  You cannot get a refund of fees for your holiday time.

x  You must pay a fee of $50 per week to keep the same homestay.

xi  Your insurance must cover your whole course. If you get an extension, you might have to buy more insurance

You CANNOT take a holiday:

  • If your attendance is under 90%. It doesn’t matter what visa you are on
  • If you are enrolled for less than 24 weeks
  • If you are on a TESOL course
  • Before a TESOL course if your English level is low.

NB: You may not be able to return to the same class after your holiday.

Homestay policy

i    You must pay a homestay application fee before your course begins.

ii    You must pay 4 weeks homestay fees before your course begins.

iii    Homestay fees include a liaison charge of $30 per week.

iv    Homestay fees include breakfast and dinner on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and three meals at weekends.

v    Homestay will only be arranged once you have provided at least 2 weeks advance notice and informed us of your confirmed flight arrival details. If you are unable to provide this information in time, we will help you find a standard hotel, student hostel or backpacker accommodation until a homestay becomes available. You will be required to pay for this yourself.

vi    Homestay is only available for full-time students.

vii    Homestay fees are paid 2 weeks in advance to your homestay family.

viii    You must give a minimum of 3 weeks notice if you wish to change from homestay to another form of accommodation. You must also pay for the final 3 weeks of homestay.

ix    Under no circumstances will homestay fees be paid out in one lump sum, for example if you change from a homestay placement to rental accommodation.  If you do change to another form of accommodation you will be paid the remainder of the homestay fees on an equal fortnightly basis for the duration of your course.

x    You must not make private accommodation or payment arrangements with Auckland English Academy homestay families.

Attendance and behaviour

i    The first date of the course for which your attendance at the school is required is the start date on your offer letter.  If you know you are going to arrive late you must apply for an extension letter.  If you do not apply for an extension letter, your course will start on the scheduled start date as stated in the offer letter.

ii    You are expected to have 100% attendance and attend all of your classes on time and behave in a responsible manner at the school and with your homestay family. You are also expected to adhere to the school’s “English-only” policy while on school grounds. If your behaviour is detrimental to the school or to other students, you may be suspended or asked to leave the school.  In this event, we regret that no tuition fees can be refunded.

iii    If you do not meet the minimum attendance requirements without the written permission of the Principal, the New Zealand Immigration Service will be notified. Unsatisfactory attendance can result in cancellation of a student visa.

Liability and insurance policy   

i    At Auckland English Academy we take care to ensure your well-being.  However, Auckland English Academy will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury incurred within the school, with a homestay family or on a school tour or excursion.

ii    In starting a course of study at Auckland English Academy, you will be deemed to have accepted all of our enrolment conditions.

iii    As a student of Auckland English Academy you must have insurance for your health and personal property. Proof of insurance must be provided to cover you for the duration of your course.

iv    Auckland English Academy shall not be liable if, for any reason, the published courses cannot be offered.  Auckland English Academy reserves the right to change courses and fees without prior notice.