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AEA’s International Student Ambassadors

AEA students Aoba Nagashima, Hideki Yoshii and Yukari Kawasaki are working with the NZ Police as International Student Ambassadors. Their mission: to keep international students safe from crime.

Aoba Nagashima

Aoba Nagashima
Together with other ISAs, they meet with Asian Liaison Officer Jessica Phuang of the NZ Police once a month to learn about current trends of crime and victimisation in Auckland and prevention tips on how to keep safe from robbery, drugs, street violence and other dangers. Back at school, they share this important information with other students. They do this by making presentations at assembly and talking to people individually.


Hideki Yoshii

Hideki Yoshii

Jessica says she is especially proud of Aoba, who has shown a level of maturity and a sense of responsibility far beyond her 17 years.

If you have any questions or worries about safety, don’t hesitate to talk to our ISAs. Aoba is currently in Geetha’s IELTS class and Hideki is in David’s at our Queen St campus. You can find Yukari studying in James’ Upper Intermediate class at Chancery.

Yukari Kawasaki

Yukari Kawasaki

If any other students are interested in becoming ISAs, please email Mike <>

Jessica Phuang

Jessica Phuang QSM, Asian Liaison Officer, NZ Police

Some hot tips from Jessica:

  • Don’t show that you have expensive mobile phones or laptops in public areas.  An expensive mobile phone can be sold for about $400.  Besides the streets, public areas also include libraries, places with free wi fi, bars, train and bus stations.
  • Showing that you carry lots of cash is not wise. Be cautious who is around you when making payments.  Don’t carry lots of cash anyway.
  • The way you carry your handbags.  Robbers usually come from behind as they could be watching you for a while.  Carry your handbags close to your body, better still have handbags that you can carry across your shoulders.
  • Walking in dark and quiet places – Avoid that.  Use streets with good lightings and where there are many people.  If possible, walk in groups. Avoid walking through Albert Park or Myers Park at night – students had been robbed before.
  • Leaving things unattended.  Don’t leave things unattended even  if you think it’s just for a short while.
  • Leaving items such as bags, phones, coins visible inside the cars when you leave.  Thieves will break into your car if they can see                                   items of value through the windows.  Make sure you lock them in the boot.  Always double check to see if you’ve put everything away (even if there’s nothing valuable in the bag) before you walk away from your car.