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AEA has an in house Accommodation and Welfare officer to make sure the students have a great stay in New Zealand.  There are 2 main options for the students – homestay and student residence.

All our homestay families are carefully selected by ICL. We have assessed the suitability of the accommodation, and the result of any assessment. It is important that students realize that they are the guests within the family.
New Zealanders are called Kiwi people; 69% are of European descent, 14.6% are Maori and 6.9% non-Maori Pacific Islanders such as Samoa, Tonga, Fiji etc. Our homestay families are Kiwi so you will get a first-hand experience of authentic Kiwi life!

Things to make your homestay life easier

  1. You may want to spend time in your room, but it is really polite to spend a little time with your host(s) every evening.
  2. It is polite to offer to help with doing the dishes, setting the table for meals and doing various chores just like part of their family. Boys as well as girls are expected to do these things in NZ.
  3. People in NZ generally go to bed around 10:00PM. Please not to use the telephone or make a lot of noise after this time.
  4. Talk to your host(s) if you prefer to use chopsticks or a spoon.
  5. Communicate with your host family regularly!

Facts about homestay

  1.  New Zealand is open to people from around the world. At ICL, we have students from China, India, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Spain, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti etc.
  2.  The homestay family can take up to 4 International students at a time, so quite often you see other students either from our school or other schools.
  3. The family structure varies in New Zealand e.g. a couple with children, a retired couple, a single mother, a single lady etc. There is no single father or a single male at ICL homestay.

Homestay bookings

  1. Bookings need at least 1 week to be completed (matching a family, confirming the date, working out the confirmation letter, booking the airport pickup etc.)
  2. The confirmation letter will be sent after the payment is confirmed.
  3. Please let us know if you are allergic to pets. We can’t guarantee to find a family without pets.
  4. This is a cheap option to stay in NZ (less than $40/day including meals) if you compare with the hotel price at least $100/day in Auckland CBD.
  5. Homestay is basically “Half Board”, therefore students are expected to be out of the homestay during the daytime.

Homestay Cancellation

  1. Please give us 2 weeks’ notice if you want to move out. This is a formal agreement with the homestay. The homestay family is entitled to receive the 2 weeks amount of the payment in lieu.
  2. When you will be on a holiday for more than 1 week and wish to leave your belongings at home to keep your room, please notify us 2 weeks in advance too.
  3. There is a new arrangement fee of $240 for changing your homestay family.  (all fees and charges are subject to change)

Examples of House Rules

  1. Taking a shower should take 5-10 minutes long.
  2. Text or call them if you are not at home by dinner.
  3. Laundry is normally done once or twice a week.
  4. You can bring your friends over, but please speak to the host first.
  5. No sleepovers.
  6. Please speak to the host if you want to smoke or consume alcohol.

Information that will be useful to you

  1. Internet & Landline – Internet plans vary at our homestay families. ICL cannot charge the Internet fee for some families. This will be $5-10/week. Calling from the landline is free of charge in Auckland, but please not to make a call to mobile phones as this costs. Please do not download movies, songs or any copyrighted materials as this is illegal. NZ government is monitoring and will send a warning which will lead to a fine.
  2. New Zealand Food – You may find Kiwi food such as Fish and Chips very oily but please try a little portion of it. You could ask your homestay family to cook rice once a month. You may wish to buy instant noodles as snack food as well. Remember to thank your homestay for meals.
  3. Your room – Your room may be upstairs, downstairs or ground level. If your room is downstairs because of the house, it doesn’t mean anything. Your room will have a single bed and desk/chair. You should make your bed before you come to school every morning.  You must keep your room tidy. You should vacuum it at least once a week.
  4. Laundry & Washing – Your homestay will do your washing for you, normally once or twice a week. Some families may ask you to take care of this by yourself, in that case, please make sure you know how to use the washing machines and dryer. If you choose dry-cleaning, you will need to pay for this yourself. There are coin laundries if you wish to wash your clothes every single day.
  5. Showering – Ask your homestay what time you can take a shower. Normally, they will ask you to take a shower for 5-10 min as the cost of water is very high in NZ. The Homestay family is not responsible for the purchase of your shampoo or any grooming products.
  6. Guests – You may want to invite a friend over to your house. You should ask your homestay family whether it is OK for your friend to visit. Please make sure your friend do not stay later than 9:30PM.
  7. Privacy & Personal Space – Kiwi people leave their room door open a little, but please respect each other’s privacy. Your room will not have a lock, but it is still safe to leave your valuables in your room.
  8. Manners – Remember to say “Please” and “Thank you”. In NZ, sniffing and spitting are offensive. Girls and boys are equal in western countries and people will call you by your first name, rather than your surname.
  9. Sickness – When you will be absent from school, please inform our school. Please bring a medical certificate from your doctor. Also, when you see a doctor, please bring your travel insurance too.
  10. House Key – You will be given a house key, so please make sure not to lose it during your stay or it will be your responsibility to buy a new key. Please make sure you will return the key when you move out.