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Student Handbook

Ours students come from all over the world. Approximate numbers are:
China 35%
Japan 15%
South America 15%
Korea 10%
Europe 10%
Other 15%


10 reasons students choose AEA

1. We will help you to achieve your goals

Every student has an individual learning plan. We work with you to identify your personal language learning goals and then help you achieve them.

“My English level has been improved noticeably and I’m really happy about it!”  

-Rie, Japan

 “I’m very grateful for the huge improvement that I could make in 6 months of study and I would like to continue my study for further!”    -Yousef, Saudi Arabia

 2.    You can be certain of our quality

You learn better because we meet the high standards of English New Zealand and are recognized by NZQA as a quality provider.

 “I chose AEA confidently because of its quality.” -Hamid, Iran

“I can honestly say that AEA outdid even my highest expectations. I’m sure this is one of  the very best schools in Auckland.” – Giselle Paivia, Brazil

3.    You can choose from a range of programmes

As well as Communication English, AEA offers TESOL courses for English teaching assistants, Kiwikindy courses for kindergarten assistants, Employment Skills English for those wanting to work and English plus Barista.

4.    We are serious about language learning…

Our teaching staff are all highly qualified and experienced, our principal has published course books and trained new teachers, and our students know they are going to learn well.

“Teacher are very concern about our learning”  -Juan Pablo, Chile

“ I never wasted time at AEA.” – Yuitsu Hukuda, Japan

5.    …and we know how to make it enjoyable

We make our lessons relevant to your needs and interests and include activities that are not only fun but which really help you to learn.

 “Teachers always encourage me in studying English with a variety of topics every day.”   -Yousef, Saudi Arabia

“At AEA I learnt not only English, I learnt about other cultures and made friends from all parts of the globe.” Luan Barros, Brazil

6.    Our school has a great learning community

Our students support and encourage each other. Relaxing together during break or playing table tennis together after school is a great way to improve your English.

 “I am happy studying in a cosy environment with lovable people around.” -Juan Pablo, Chile

 “I have met lots of friends from different countries”  -Rie, Japan

7.    Our reception and administration staff help you when you have problems

Our friendly staff understand what students need when they are studying in a new school or in a new country .

“As well as teachers, staff and class mate are also very kind.” -Hamid, Iran

8.    We are one of the longest established language schools in Auckland

AEA has been helping students achieve their language learning goals for over  25 years

9.    We are independent

AEA is not part of an international chain of language schools so we can make sure that our programs are flexible enough to meet the needs of our students.

10.    We don’t just want you to enjoy the week, we want you to enjoy the weekend too!

We offer activities in the weekends where you can get to see and experience New Zealand and all the wonderful things it has to offer

 “I really enjoy studying English and exciting activities at Auckland English Academy!”  

-Rie, Japan

“I strongly recommend Auckland English Academy and all my expectations were met completely.”

-Juan Pablo, Chile